Melodic Deep House | Röyksopp, Henry Saiz, RIGOONI, Alex O’Rion | Ep 25 Season 4

Starting off 2023 with the Melodic Deep House set featuring music by RIGOONI, Röyksopp, Henry Saiz, Alex O’Rion, Antrim, and more!

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Chapters/ Track IDs (Song – Artist)

  • 0:00 Dreamed Numbers – RIGOONI
  • 3:28 Life’s Not a Contest – GRIFE
  • 9:10 Flame Keeper – Hermanez
  • 14:39 Trip to Red (Orsen Remix) – Antrim, Orsen
  • 20:20 Parsimony – Marian (AR)
  • 26:00 Desire – Antrim
  • 32:54 Resistance – Dmitry Molosh
  • 37:33 This Time, This Place (Henry Saiz Darktrip Remix) -Röyksopp, Beki Mari, Henry Saiz
  • 44:25 Forest Beast (Berni Turletti Remix) – Forty Cats, Berni Turletti
  • 50:59 A Better Place In Heaven (Alex O’Rion Remix) – Yoni Yarchi, Krissky, Assaf Gad, Alex O’Rion
  • 55:30 Over – Lucefora

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About the DJ 

DJ Left Cat, AKA DJ Rob Ticho, began DJing in 2005. Based in New England, he’s DJed in Boston, Montreal, LA, Miami, and played at Burning Man for many years.

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