Numark Mixstream Pro – House Music Performance Mix


I recently purchased the Numark Mixstream Pro and I wanted to put together a demo mix of classic house music so you could see the controller in action for yourself.

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[more details below track list]

Tracklist (track title – artist)
0:00 The Deejay’s An Alien – David Harness Ft Roland Clark
4:30 A Black Man In Space – Son of Raw
8:44 Hey Hey (DF’s Attention Vocal Mix) – Dennis Ferrer
12:41 End Of Street – Angelo Ferreri
15:25 Upside Down – Disco Deejays
20:00 Get A Move On – Avon Stringer
23:00 Every Morning – Chris Lorenzo
24:52 Deep Inside (Harry Choo Choo Romero’s remix) – Hardrive
28:21 In Da Club (Chocolate Puma Dub) – Copyright Ft Mr. V & Miss Patty
32:00 What the F**k – Roland Clark


This is Numark’s new all-in-one controller and it works off of the newly updated Engine 2 DJ software from inMusic (the company that owns Numark and Denon DJ).

As its name implies, the Mixstream Pro allows DJs to play from streaming services. You can stream from services like Beatport, Beatsource, Soundcloud, and Tidal. You can also stream from your dropbox account. It has onboard wifi and does not require a computer. It’s a stand-alone device.

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For this mix, I’m playing music from an SD card. It also has two USB ports for music sources, one of which I used to record the mix with its built-in recording feature.

Selling for $600 USD, this device certainly is impressive.

The Mixstream also has internal speakers which I love. They are pointed toward the DJ which makes them great for jamming alone or used as monitors. They are loud enough for a small party in a dorm room or hotel room, but you would want external speakers for anything more than that.

The pitch faders on this device are very short. I thought I wouldn’t mind them, but they are a bit annoying.

My biggest complaint about the Mixstream Pro is the lack of control for effects. You get, echo, delay, flange, and phase but there is no ability to control the wet/dry on these.

Instead, you get a paddle-style switch to on or hold which has become popular for battle DJs but is much less useful for someone mixing house or techno. As you might guess, the flange and phase sound cheesy.

Hopefully, they will address this in a firmware update offering more effects and control. One option could be to use the filter knob and turn it into a Pioneer-style color effects knob.

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If you have any problem with the music, video or, photos, please contact us on our email before striking: and we will find a common solution. I do my best to promote the music and artists in these recordings. YouTube tells me that any royalties are paid to the copyright owners.

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DJ Left Cat, AKA DJ Rob Ticho, began DJing in 2005. Based in Vermont, he’s DJed in Boston, Montreal, LA, Miami, and played at Burning Man for many years.


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